The Controller is California’s independent fiscal watchdog. The person who makes sure that taxpayer money—OUR money—is spent as we’re told it will be. But that’s not happening now. In fact, the Controller can’t even tell us where she sent over $300 billion in payments in 2018 alone.

With my experience in policymaking, and a strong belief in the values of fiscal responsibility, transparency, and independence, it’s a job I know I can do well.

For too long, the Controller has been a Sacramento insider, valuing partisanship over competence. The Controller has been beholden to other politicians, defending THEM, instead of fighting for and protecting YOU.

That won’t be me. I’m not part of the one-party monopoly that has controlled Sacramento for too long. We aren’t going to change California by recycling the same old tired politicians from one job to another.

Someone needs to watch out for you – the California taxpayer.

We need new leadership that isn’t afraid to take on as much as $30 billion of fraud in our state unemployment insurance system. Russian mobsters and convicted murderers like Scott Peterson shouldn’t be getting government payments, while single moms in need go without.

We need a check on the Sacramento politicians who spend first and ask questions later. And as taxpayers, we deserve to know exactly how our money is being spent. I will fight for you and make sure your tax dollars aren’t being wasted.

The promise of California is still out there. But we’re going to have to start fixing our problems soon for us to make sure that the California my kids see is as bright and promising as the one that brought my parents here decades ago.

Join me. Together, we can change California.

Let’s start today.

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