/ August 22, 2022

Nancy Jacobson Endorses Lanhee Chen for CA Controller

For Immediate Release
August 22, 2022

Nancy Jacobson Endorses Lanhee Chen for CA Controller

Mountain View, CA – Today, Lanhee Chen, candidate for State Controller, announced the endorsement of No Labels founder and CEO Nancy Jacobson.

“The best solutions to the toughest challenges emerge when the two parties engage in a spirited battle of ideas and emerge with a bipartisan compromise. That’s why I’m endorsing Lanhee Chen for California Controller. In a state dominated by one party, the people of California deserve a fair-minded, fact-based leader capable of engaging with both Democrats and Republicans alike in understanding which policies work, and which do not. As someone who both advised Mitt Romney’s presidential campaign and yet still earned an appointment to the board that oversees Social Security during the Obama administration, Lanhee has shown that he knows how to work with both sides of the aisle. He is California’s best choice,” said Jacobson.

Chen added, “Nancy has a proven track record of pushing for bipartisan solutions to the biggest policy issues facing America. I am so grateful to have her support in my campaign to bring accountability and transparency to Sacramento.”

Jacobson founded No Labels in 2010 to promote greater bipartisanship efforts. Under Jacobson’s leadership, No Labels has championed ideas designed to put problem solving above politics.

Jacobson’s work helped create Problem Solvers Caucus, a bloc of House members split between Democrats and Republicans committed to finding bipartisan solutions. During the 2017-2018 Congress, the Caucus, which grew to encompass 48 members, released the only major bipartisan fix for health care, and released bipartisan proposals on gun safety, infrastructure, immigration and border security.

Prior to establishing No Labels, Jacobson spent 15 years as national finance director for Senator Evan Bayh of Indiana. Earlier in her career, she worked on presidential campaigns for Al Gore and Bill Clinton.