/ October 19, 2022

Andy Slavitt Endorses Lanhee Chen for State Controller

For Immediate Release
October 19, 2022

Andy Slavitt Endorses Lanhee Chen for State Controller

Mountain View, CA – Today, Lanhee Chen, candidate for State Controller, announced the endorsement of health care advocate, business leader, and former Biden and Obama Administration official, Andy Slavitt.

“I have seen first-hand from our work together on a variety of health care issues that Lanhee is someone who puts country before party,” said Slavitt. “We may not agree on the exact policy prescriptions that policymakers in Sacramento should enact, but we do agree that our state is in need of greater accountability for how our tax dollars are being spent. That’s why I have full confidence that Lanhee is the thoughtful, independent-minded Controller that Californians need, and I support him fully for this important role.”

Chen added, “Andy has a history of tackling some of the largest, most complex problems in our country, and it is an honor to have his endorsement in my campaign for Controller. Our campaign is building a diverse group of supporters in California, including Democrats, independents, and Republicans, who agree that it’s time for our state to spend smarter, promote transparency in our fiscal affairs, and finally hold the Sacramento insiders accountable for delivering results.”

Slavitt served in senior roles in two Democratic presidential administrations. He was President Joe Biden’s White House Senior Adviser for the COVID response and served as President Barack Obama’s head of Medicare and Medicaid and oversaw the implementation of the Affordable Care Act. Slavitt is also an accomplished business leader and is the founding partner of TownHall Ventures, a healthcare firm that invests in underrepresented communities. He is the author of Preventable, a best-selling account of America’s COVID response.