/ September 26, 2022

Malia Cohen And Her Extreme Record on Law Enforcement in California

For Immediate Release
September 26, 2022

Malia Cohen And Her Extreme Record on Law Enforcement in California
Suggests Police Officers Are Racists and Says “FU@K the Police Officers Association”

Mountain View, CA – Controller candidate Malia Cohen has a history of repeatedly suggesting that members of law enforcement are racist and sexist, and even said that San Francisco police were just an “ethnically diverse firing squad.” If elected, Cohen would have audit authority over law enforcement agencies across our state and would make policy impacting state law enforcement officer pensions through the Controller’s seat on the CalPERS board.

“Too many Californians are experiencing a public safety crisis in their communities. Malia Cohen’s extensive anti-law enforcement record is simply too extreme for California,” said Lanhee Chen, candidate for State Controller. “With countless videos and news stories of smash and grab crimes, property theft, home invasions, and even homicides across our state, Californians should be concerned about Malia’s support or sympathy for soft-on-crime policies like Proposition 47, defunding the police and zero bail. And law enforcement professionals across the state should be aware of Malia’s extreme statements about them — including praise for rhetoric painting the police as racist and calls to ‘Fu@k the Police Officers’ Association in her home town of San Francisco.”

Malia’s extremism was on display during her years as a San Francisco County Supervisor. She said the San Francisco Police Officers Association had “lost its relevance.” and supported a resolution that “painted all of America’s law enforcement professionals as racists, militaristic occupiers.” Malia even supported recalled San Francisco District Attorney Chesa Boudin and his plan to build a revolving door in our jails for convicted criminals. Malia’s support for Proposition 47put criminals before crime victims and endangered countless Californians.

Chen continued, “Malia may be too cowardly to debate or field questions from the media, but she can’t hide from her extreme record. Whether it’s traveling to Venezuela to praise Hugo Chávez’s brutal dictatorship or attacking the diverse men and women who have dedicated their lives to serve and protect our communities, it’s clear why she is afraid to answer for her record.”