/ May 6, 2022

My response to the attacks from my opponents’ flailing campaigns

For immediate Release
May 5, 2022
Mountain View, CA- Lanhee Chen, candidate for California State Controller, issued the following in response to attacks from his opponents’ flailing campaigns:

“The last things my opponents in this race want to talk or answer questions about are the $20 billion in unemployment benefits sent to convicted felons and fraudsters, the billions spent each year on homelessness with dismal results, the billions in shady no-bid contracts doled out to their political donors, and the innumerable other examples of failed fiscal leadership in California. This is because they know that as members of the one-party monopoly, they are incapable of serving as an effective check and balance on the Sacramento insiders.

I look forward to multiple debates covering all of these issues, and more, with whichever of my opponents emerges from next month’s primary election.”